Andrew Dong: Student Body Vice President

Over many years, Gunn has established its legacy as one of the most renowned schools in the nation. To me, Gunn’s beauty is a trinity:

  1. Our well-respected academic drive for excellence allows us to hone and demonstrate our talents, and discover our aspirations and potentials.
  2. The extraordinary number of clubs on campus represent the diverse perspectives and interests of the student body, and empower us to further master our passions.
  3. The inexorable waves of enthusiasm and spirit during events such as Homecoming are matched by equally impressive displays of tremendous unity, support, resilience, and kindness.

As ASB VP, I will commit to maximizing these strengths. I want everyone to see that in our school, brilliant minds are cultivated, movers and shakers are in the making, and the students—all of whom will make an impact on the world—never fail to come together and show powerful solidarity.

Using my experiences as Sophomore VP, Junior VP, Junior Site Council Representative, and leadership in various clubs and organizations, I will strengthen our communication with the Gunn administration to ensure that the needs of the student body are always put at the forefront of any discussion. I will encourage a positive extracurricular culture via the existing Spring and Fall Club Days, as well as a number of other initiatives that will allow student-driven organizations to expand their outreach and positive influence on the community. I will work to make events more meaningful and fun; and of course, expect Homecoming Week to be unforgettable.

Get excited!

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