Darien Chung: Sophomore Class Vice President


Many people think of me as a hyper, enthusiastic, and hardworking person. I am inclined to put this energy into representing the class of 2020 – my name is Darien Chung and I would like to serve as Class Vice President. I am excited to improve both my leadership abilities and management skills. My goal is to grant our class with more and improved school activities – improve school dances, include more events during lunch (such as staff vs. student games), other competitions, and overall conduct a more enjoyable school year. Our school dances are an essential school activity, however, they can be greatly improved – most prominently in the music area, more food choices, and better themes. Likewise, lunchtime events are one of the most aggrandized activities of the school year, however, they are infrequent and should occur more often. Clash of the titans was a lunchtime favorite this year, and I believe that there should be more Student vs Staff competitions. This would bring students and staff closer together, and leading to an even more united community. Your Opinion matters! Don’t let someone make all the decisions for you. I will make sure to represent you at all costs. Vote for me, I’d be honored if you chose me as your representative.

Learn more about Darien by watching his candidate video here.

Other candidates for Sophomore Class Vice President:

Angela Cheong

Zoe Quake

Kendrick You

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