Jessie Choi: Spirit Commissioner

Hi I am Jessie E. Choi. I am running for spirit commissioner. I believe that a spirit commissioner requires qualities of being organized, confident, and creative. In my perspective, as well as many others, I meet those qualities. I am a well rounded student, who is willing to devote my time and effort into this position. There are roughly eight other jobs I could have chosen, but a spirit commissioner is what stood out to me most. Spirit days at school is one of the things I look forward to every year. It is way to represent the whole school or your your class. I do best at what I love doing. That is why I truly think this job will fit best for me. Creating spirit events and organizing month dress-up days are both things I can do with thought and creativity. Adding on, I am very open-minded, willing take suggestions from others in order to make spirit days at Gunn even better. There are constantly ideas floating around in my mind that would improve Gunn spirit days that can’t wait to be brought out if I do get to be the spirit commissioner for Gunn. I love public speaking and communicating with others. Being a spirit commissioner means being responsible for the spirit days. I’ve experienced one year on the Gunn JV cheer team, so I think spirit is something that I definitely have. That concludes why I believe I am a suitable candidate to be spirit commissioner.

Other candidates for Spirit Commissioner:

Moksha Arora

Kim Fenwick

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