Pauline Her: Junior Class President

Hello, titans! My name is Pauline Her and I am running to be your Junior Class President. I am very qualified for this position with my past experiences as Sophomore Vice-President and a YCS/Interact board member. Being on SEC this past year has helped me gain leadership, community-building, and organizational skills. In addition, I learned how student government is run, and the process behind organizing events and fundraisers. With YCS/Interact, I was given the opportunity to lead and encourage fellow students to participate in community service, which taught me a few things about myself. I am someone who loves to lead, excite and inspire others, but I also know when to take a step back to see what the community actually needs. Using my background, I will be able to jump right into achieving the goals we have as a class together. One of my personal goals is to ensure that your opinion is heard and fought for, whether it be through online polls or face-to-face surveys. Through this, our class goals can be accomplished and taken a step further. I promise to be a strong and enthusiastic leader as we march our way through junior year. Vote Pauline as Junior Class President!

Learn more about Pauline by watching her candidate video here.

Other candidates for Junior Class President:

Michael Panitchpakdi

Elizabeth Salwitz

Mahmoud Tantawi

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