Face mask novice searches for perfect product

Written by: Paulo Frank

Yes to Tomatoes

This mask harnesses the restorative duo of tomato and charcoal to reduce oil levels and absorb dirt out of the user’s pores. While applying the mask, my face was subjected to a feeling of thick clay being smeared across my skin followed by a stinging sensation. is thickness persisted as my masking session continued; by the end, my face was feeling quite dry. The after-rinse proved to be the selling point of this mask; my face felt more sensitive to the warm water—pleasing in a very refreshing way. After that, the first splash of cold water I gave myself was quite possibly the most invigorating thing I’ve ever experienced and I couldn’t help myself from enjoying a sixth and even a seventh splash.


What drew me to this mask was its bright blue pigment. I find blue to be an extremely refreshing color, and paired with the lemon scent wafting out of the bowl, I just couldn’t resist. A problem I had, however, was how chunky the spread was. is mask contains granules of what I presumed to be rice, which were extremely rough to smear across my face. The issues didn’t just stop there. While on, the mask started to feel dry and the bottoms of my nostrils began to itch, and when washing it off, the roughness proved to be an obstacle once again. One good thing I can say is that after all was said and done, my face felt smooth and incredibly fresh.


This mask was the only true mask I tried; the actual mask consisted of a face-shaped sheet of paper that had been soaked in an aloe solution. It was slimy to touch but the easiest mask overall to apply. All you have to do is align your eyes, nose and mouth with the respective holes and you’re set. At first the mask stung a tiny bit but, as the paper stuck to my face, it remained surprisingly cool and not too restrictive. The best experience came at the end, though. The feeling of peeling off the paper was extremely enjoyable to me, and I definitely felt like my skin had been completely renewed and rejuvenated with moisture.

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