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Changing the Narrative

“Changing the narrative” is a phrase we like to define as changing the conversation and shifting the mindset on campus. We want to help change the narrative by normalizing everyday struggles and showing the beauty of vulnerability. To make this step, The Oracle will publish personal stories of strength, hope, healing and growth every other week.

Q&A With Crisis Text Line Director Libby Craig

September 11, 2017

Compiled by Liza Kolbasov The Oracle: What is the crisis text line? How does it work? Libby Craig: The crisis text line, we provide free, 24/7 confidential crisis support by text message. SO, a person who’s in crisis, dealing with anything from anxiety, to stress about a test, to being upset about anything that they’re struggling with, [...]

Q & A with Wellness Worker Lauren Rocha

September 5, 2017

  Compiled by Andrew Zhao The Oracle: You work in the wellness center. What is your position and what do you do in that position? Lauren Rocha: My title is called the Wellness outreach worker, and my job is to welcome everyone when they walk in and help them figure out why there are here. I also help put on the events and activities we put [...]

Finding a healthy solution: Michelle Victor on facing her PTSD

September 12, 2016

Written by Michelle Victor I have to admit that some things come pretty easy for me, like leadership, public speaking, playing softball, eating massive amounts of Taco Bell and even talking to strangers. Sometimes my strengths can turn out as, not necessarily weaknesses, but not great judgement calls, which I later realize are mildly poor life [...]