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Official Student Newspaper of Henry M. Gunn High School

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Official Student Newspaper of Henry M. Gunn High School

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Trick-or-Treating As Teens Is Acceptable

Trick-or-Treating As Teens Is Acceptable

Sophia Stern, Business Manager, Social Media Editor October 22, 2021

Once we start growing up, we start to wonder about the right way to spend Halloween. After years of trick-or-treating, teens start to ask, “Are we too old for this?” There is no right age to stop trick-or-treating. Even if it can feel like you’re out of place walking down the streets of your...

Photo illustration by Melissa Ding and Jamie Wang

Rising prom costs prompt reappraisal of experience, discourage participation

Ryan Li, Managing Editor May 17, 2019

If you’re a junior, senior or lucky underclassman, it’s that magical time of the school year again—the time when the days start getting longer and you’re barely dragging yourself through Advanced Placement testing. But none of that matters now. After all, you’re counting down the days to the...

graphic by Jocelyn Wang

Yes: Should finals policies, procedures be more lenient?

Chelsie Park, Centerfold Editor December 7, 2018

The end of the semester is rapidly approaching, and finals are looming upon us. We have all, at some point, frantically rummaged through class notes in an at- tempt to recover faded knowledge of some chapter learned in September, calculated on RogerHub the minimum percentage needed for survival...

Cultural Barriers Created by Differences Prevalent, Harmful

Quinn Arbolante March 30, 2018

By Quinn Arbolante For the past couple years, East Asian culture has swarmed the Western hemisphere. Korean pop (K-pop) concerts and festivals in U.S. cities have sold out, anime is experiencing huge growth and Korean dramas are entering the mainstream source of entertainment. It should be no surprise...

No: Should Homecoming themes change every year?

amandalee828 October 13, 2017

Written by Amanda Lee At the homecoming assembly, the entire student body waited with bated breath for the announcement of this year’s homecoming themes, particularly each grade’s dress-up themes. But 4.2 miles away, at Palo Alto High School (Paly), no student needed to anticipate any video...

Should homecoming themes switch every year? (Pro)

meganli74 October 13, 2017

Written by Megan Li Homecoming: one week, five days, 80 waking hours of pure, unadulterated school spirit. It’s the culmination of a year’s worth of excitement and anticipation and a way to aunt enthusiasm and creativity through dressing up. Much of the interest in the week, however, is kept...

Media literacy education is essential, beneficial

Media literacy education is essential, beneficial

jennamarvet March 31, 2017

Written by Jenna Marvet President Donald Trump shames news media, often blaming news agencies for propagating “fake news.” While his claims have been broad and reached beyond the truth, they have brought a real issue to the attention of many Americans: a lack of media literacy and an overly-trusting...

Acceptance of diverse body types should not justify skinny-shaming

Acceptance of diverse body types should not justify skinny-shaming

kayav2 March 3, 2017

Written by Kaya van der Horst 2016 seemed to be the year for body positivity. The diversity in body types seen on magazine covers, such as curvy model Ashley Graham’s notable cover shoot for Sports Illustrated and advertisements such as Dove’s empowering #mybeautymysay campaign, showed us that women...

Womens sports deserve equal media attention

Women’s sports deserve equal media attention

meganli74 March 3, 2017

Written by Anyi Cheng and Megan Li Even in modern times, at the country’s apex of equality and acceptance, the gender gap persists. The disparity between media attention dedicated to men’s sports and women's sports is no exception. This particular gender imbalance is painfully prominent—beyond...

Pro: Is the college athletic recruitment process fair?

chenganyi December 2, 2016

  Written by Anyi Cheng The first semester of senior year is synonymous with senioritis: steadily sinking grades, cold weather and most of all, college applications. Among the few seniors who aren’t in the college application frenzy are athlete recruits. Every year, competitive athletes...

Gunn should not report weighted GPA

Gunn should not report weighted GPA

jennamarvet November 4, 2016

Written by Jenna Marvet Most upperclassmen have done it: looked longingly at a Naviance graph of a dream school, their GPA just two-tenths below the average. The simplified comparison of test scores to GPA in reference to college admission has made many students romanticize that little number. Understanding...

Graphic by Elizabeth Zu

Safe spaces provide refuge from triggers

jackmallery October 11, 2016

Written by Jack Mallery It’s 2016, and many things that were allowed in previous years are no longer safe and okay to say to others. Gendered insults and racial slurs are not tolerated in our communities anymore. Sometimes people have experienced traumatizing events that they would rather forget...

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