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Change in seasons calls for wardrobe update – Masculine Style

September 7, 2018

By Peter Oh   From a young age, my fashion has always been so basic that there is almost no noticeable change between the seasons. No matter how often my parents would chastise me, telling me to wear layers upon layers ...

USS Hornet Museum: Alameda


October 13, 2017

Written by: Jack Mallery Sitting of the coast of Alameda, Calif., the battle-scarred USS Hornet has always had something special about it. After 18 months of active combat in World War II, the Hornet has seen enough bloodshed ...

Should Athletes be Exempt From Physical Education?


September 15, 2017

By: Laurel Comiter Students who participate in athletics outside of school have busier schedules than the average student. ey have to balance school, homework, social life and sports—everything the average student must...

New Staff Members on Campus


September 15, 2017

By: Jack Mallery Haley Perkins: Social Studies I went to Gunn for high school. This summer I moved back to Palo Alto from Nashville and drove across country in my Prius towing a U-Haul trailer   Joshua Little: Science I used t...

Non-profit 2Bikes supports sexual assault survivors


May 19, 2017

written by Sohini Ashoke Junior Rachel Barkin is involved in 2Bikes, a nonprofit organization supporting sexual assault victims and raising awareness about sexual assault while empowering individuals to stand up. Barkin’s goal w...

Safe Spaces Provide Refuge from Triggers


December 30, 2016

  By: Jack Mallery It’s 2016, and many things that were allowed in previous years are no longer safe and okay to say to others. Gendered insults and racial slurs are not tolerated in our communities anymore. Sometimes...

Chamber Choir Fundraises For Ireland Trip Through Caroling


December 2, 2016

Written By: Maya Rapoport This summer, the Gunn Choir is traveling to Ireland to perform. In order to raise money for the scholarship fund, the Chamber Choir, an audition-only choir that practices after school, is performing at ...

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