Maintaining contact with college friends


Written by Grace Tramack

Remembering all of the great times with my college friends before they left—traveling to swim meets, going out to meals, cooking together and spending ridiculous amounts of time together—definitely makes me nostalgic, but it is easier to deal with than I originally thought it was going to be. Our friendship takes more effort to maintain than it used to, but after a few months of getting settled into life without them there all of the time, I still consider them some of my greatest friends.

I used to see my college friends at least twice a day for two to three hours—sometimes more if there was swim practice or if I had a class with them. We all had the same schedule, but now that most of us are in different time zones, it is much more difficult to maintain a strong relationship. However, with the help of Snapchat, FaceTime and text, I have been able to maintain friendships with most of my long-distance friends.

It was hard at first to try to find mutual availabilities to FaceTime or to actually text each other at the same time, but once I accepted that both of us were incredibly busy and had to go on with our lives, it somehow made it easier to not see them every day. If I’m lucky, I am able to Face- Time them once or twice a month, but I’ve found that it’s better than trying to talk to them constantly. at way, our conversations last much longer and we have so much more to talk about.

I really value spending time with my college friends when they come home. We usually
go to breakfast after swim practice, try making new recipes for lunch or just
hang out and talk. Either way, I am sure to take tons of pictures, because I want to remember all of the great times we’ve had.

Even though I don’t see my long-distance friends every day, I am still able to hang out with them and talk to them as if nothing has changed. They may be in a different chapter of their lives than me, but thankfully, they know that I still value all of our unforgettable memories, and that I’ll always be here to grab brunch with them whenever they come back.