Basketball Updates


Bridgette Gong


The Gunn 2016-2017 basketball season so far is one of hard work and dedication for the varsity boys. As last updated on MaxPreps, Gunn’s national rank has moved forward 792 spots and their state rank has moved to 50.

This boys season is one of several changes and transitions. “We lost our best player Alex Gil last year, so the hardest thing has been working together as a team and one unit instead of relying more on one person,” senior Josh Radin said, “Our goals are learning to play better as a team instead of relying more on one person.”

Gunn’s win against Los Gatos marked one of the highlights of the season so far. “We had a rough start to the season, but we played Los Gatos who was supposed to be top of the league, and we had a huge sixth man at game but we beat them,” Radin said, “We played the best we had the entire season, and it was a ton of fun.”

Meaningful and lasting bonds have been made through being a part of the basketball team, which has been one of the best parts for many students. “We have a different dynamic of guys this year, it’s just a little bit different than the past. Everyone’s willing to sacrifice for the team and it’s pretty cool,” senior Jeff Lee said.

The players get inspired by teammates they either used to or continue to work with. “Alex Gil is one of my role models in this sport, it wasn’t just that he was our leading scorer, but he came to practice everyday, and worked extremely hard and set a great example and really led the team both on and off the court.” Radin said.

While their run in league has been successful, the team has goals for out of league play and continuing their season. “I’m looking forward to hopefully playing in the CCS tournament if we can make it that far, that’s always a special and a good experience,” Lee said.