Senior Etienne Daadi


—Compiled by Sohini Ashoke

Senior running back Etienne Daadi has led the Titans to two victories in the past month, accumulating 556 all-purpose yards and four touchdowns in six games.

Daadi enters games feeling anxious, but directs his energies toward his goals once the game begins. “Before games I try to stay relaxed because I usually get really nervous,” Daadi said. “But after the first play it all goes away, and I can focus on the game. My goal is to get 100 yards every game and play my hardest.”

Daadi believes that his vision as player sets him apart. “I think my awareness is my greatest strength,” he said.

Daadi plays football because of his love for it and the bonds he makes with his teammates, and gets inspired by famous football plays. “I see highlights of professional football players, and when I see that, it inspires me to do better and try harder,” Daadi said.