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How to make winter break in Palo Alto interesting

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By Ellen Lee:

1. Take the Caltrain to Union Square in San Francisco and do some holiday shopping.

2. Pretend it’s snowing and run outside of your house screaming with glee.

3. Take the biggest thermos you can find to Philz Coffee and get it fulled up for the price of a small cup.

4. Make grass-frost snow angels early in the morning.

5. Build a gingerbread house with leftover Halloween candy (see November issue of The Oracle).

6. Go “LARPing” or Live Action Role Playing at the Vampire Masquerade, located on Castro Street in Mountain View (see here).

7. Volunteer at a soup kitchen and share the holiday cheer.

8. Go to a Half Moon Bay beach and get a nice tan… Just kidding!

9. Camp outside on Christmas Eve and watch the sky

for Santa & Co.

10. Go door-to-door caroling with all your friends, but only sing non-holiday related music.

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How to make winter break in Palo Alto interesting