Junior Christina Boo Perez: Pig


Compiled by Jennifer Gao

  1. Q. Why do you have a pig? A. Pigs are incredibly intelligent animals and so I thought it would be really fun to own one. Also, they are really cute.
  2. Q. What’s your story behind owning a pig? A. I had seen a ton of videos on Instagram of teacup pigs and they looked so adorable and made people so happy, so I asked my parents if I could get one.
  3. Q. What was your motive to get a pig? A. I thought it would be really fun to own a pig due to the fact that they are so intelligent and you can teach them so many tricks.
  4. Q. How do people react to your pet? A. Whenever people find out I have a pig, they always [ask] where I got the idea of owning one and when they see him, they freak out because he is so cute!
  5. Q. Where did you get him/her from? A. I got him from Oroville, a town an hour away from Tahoe.
  6. Q. How do you take care of him/her and how much money does it cost? A. We have a pig pen for him in the house for the night and if he is being good, he will sleep with me. He roams in our backyard in the day. We basically feed him whatever we are eating because pigs are human dumpsters. It takes [around] $50 a month for his litter and dry food.
  7. Q. How has owning a pig impacted your life? A. It has taught me a lot about animals. Everyone always wants to see the pig, so it is always a topic of conversation.
  8. Q. Any funny stories? A. Pigs make very weird noises and can replicate almost any sound they hear, so sometimes there will be like tiny barks or screams from the cage and they are always hilarious.