Departing teachers share memories, future plans: Mark Grieb

Written by Jennifer Gao

Biology and chemistry teacher Mark Grieb will be departing from Gunn next year to become the head football coach at Sacred Heart High School full time.

In Grieb’s year of instructing three biology classes and a chemistry class, he has observed how hard-working and dedicated the students at Gunn are. “It’s been impressive to see how much the students do and how conscientious they are about studying and doing their homework,” he said. “It’s really been a fun environment to be in because it makes teaching fun when kids want to learn and know what’s going on by asking you questions.”

Grieb’s favorite part about being a teacher is the relationships he builds with his students. “I really enjoy getting to know many of them and I think it’s hard to get your students on a really personal level, but you do get to know a lot about them and each student has different situations and challenges so I just enjoy their perspective,” he said.

Furthermore, Grieb enjoyed teaching chemistry because he watched students problem solve in class. “those have been really fun because it changes your role as a teacher and allows you to watch the thought process that students have,” he said.

Although Grieb has only been a teacher here for one year, his experience has been positive and memorable. “I am very fortunate to have worked here at Gunn because I think it’s a special place in terms of the students and community and how everyone treats each other,” Grieb said.