Departing teachers share memories, future plans: Navneet Schworetzky


Written by Katie Zhang

After four years of teaching both freshman biology honors and marine biology, Navneet Schworetzky is going on maternity leave as an expecting mother in August.

Even though Schworetzky is glad to take time off and rest for a few months before her baby arrives, it is still very difficult for her to depart from Gunn. “The hardest part about leaving Gunn will be leaving the wonderful people here. My colleagues are some of the most thoughtful and creative people I have ever met,” Schworetzky said. “The time and effort they put into not only teaching but also cultivating relationships with students, the community and their own families is nothing short of amazing.”

Although Schworetzky is sad to be leaving, she is able to reflect on her favorite memories as well as offer some insight to students’ futures. “As a teacher, I don’t want to tell students everything they should know,” Schworetzky said. “I want to share enough knowledge to help students gain valuable skills and a natural curiosity about the world around them. I hope this will encourage them to go learn more on their own throughout their lives. I want to thank each and every student I have taught while at Gunn for a wonderful experience. Remember to be a life-long learner. It’s what you are good at!”