Cool Kid Slang 2017


Word #1: Litty (adj.)

Definition: When someone is more lit than regular lit; extra lit

Example: “Bro the party is going to be litty af!”

When to Use: Use this word when describing something or someone that you find is the coolest.


Word #2: U-ey (n.)

Definition: Short for a “u-turn.” A u-turn is a car turning 180 degrees making the shape of “U”

Example: “Go left… yeah… make a u-ey here and we should be at McDonalds.”

When to Use: When your friend is driving and you’re feeling lazy enough to shorten the English language. This can also be used to confuse one’s parents or anyone who does not know the term.


Word #3: Swase (n.)

Definition: The aura around a man in pimp mode, it temporarily breaks down the woman’s strict moral beliefs, giving the man some chance of acceptance

Example: “Whenever we saw Jack, the swase was always in effect.”

When to Use: Use this word when the guy is different around certain people of the opposite gender. It can be a compliment if you admire the person’s bravery, or a diss if you’re really weirded out.


Word #4: Zaza (adj.)

Definition: When someone is hawt and charming

Example: “Simon Cowell’s got zaza.”

When to Use: Use to describe an unbelievably attractive person.


Word #5: Saucy (adj.)

Definition: Very stylish

Example: “Stacy’s new clothes made her look saucy.”

When to Use: Can be used to describe a person that has clothes so stylish, the word “stylish” can’t be used to describe the person.  


Word #6: Clip (adj.)

Definition: A taste so uniquely amazing it can’t be described with the word “delicious.”

Example: “That guacamole from Chipotle is so clip.”

When to Use:  This word should be used to describe a food or anything that tastes out of this world. Synonyms for such tastes is “indescribable” and “god-like.”


Compilled byL