NBA Conference Finals Predictions: Warriors

Written by Ryan Manesh

When I think who will win the NBA finals this year there, is one obvious choice, the Bay Area’s own, the Warriors. The Warriors have a stacked team with four 2017 all stars, which is more than any other team in either conference. The Warriors are also going to be hungry for a win after the heartbreaking 3-1 choke.  The Warriors also have beef with the predicted Eastern Conference winners the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have swept every team they have played in their first two rounds. Warriors have a dead eye in Steph Curry who has limitless range, a monster in Draymond Green who has gotten multiple triple doubles with only steals, rebounds, and assists. They also have Kevin Durant who has been deemed a cupcake by his former fans but has still been killing the game every since he came to the Warriors, and last but not least they have Klay Thompson the man who once scored 60 points in only 3 quarters who is another great player and three point shooter. But if any of this is going to happen the Dubs will have to win their current series against the Spurs who have the likes of Kawhi Leonard. Warriors in 5.