Brand battle: Oreos vs. Tuxedos


Written by Carolyn Kuimelis

We’ve all been there: you’re walking down the grocery aisle looking for your go-to Cocoa Puffs when you find yourself reaching for the deceiving, similarly colored box of “Cocoa Peanut Butter Spheres.” Despite the lower price and the almost-identical ingredient list, you choose the name brand item over the generic one because you have your morals (I mean, come on, cocoa peanut butter spheres? Disgusting). But although it hurts to admit, knock-offs and store-brand products are cheaper—and sometimes tastier—alternatives to name-brand favorites. But is saving a few dollars really worth betraying your favorite brand? Do knock-offs live up to their name-brand competitors? I decided to put these questions to the test and settle the dispute once and for all.

I compared the Oreo, the trusty American favorite, with Tuxedos. You’ve probably never heard of Tuxedos, but basically just imagine an Oreo—that’s about it. The cookies looked identical in size, shape and design, so much so that I couldn’t tell the difference after the Lifestyle Editors kindly scratched out the names indented on the cookies. Packaging-wise, the Oreo cookies won. The simplicity of the giant cookie splashing into milk is iconic, and the Tuxedo cookies used a gross font on their package that I just couldn’t get over. They do have a cute little penguin mascot, though. I really did think the Oreos would taste better, but there wasn’t a difference. The cookies were almost identical in taste, and the cream was equally sweet. The only difference was that the Oreo cookies were slightly crunchier, and the Tuxedos were more on the crumbly side, which I liked.

All in all, you get a better bang for your buck when you buy the Tuxedo cookies. Oreos do have fewer calories and grams of sugar per cookie, but let’s be honest: there’s no healthy option when it comes to eating cookies. You’re already committing to eating a cookie, so you may as well choose the cheap, almost identical alternative to Oreos. That is, if you can live with yourself a er betraying Milk’s Favorite Cookie.