Personal Narrative: Muslim

Written by Minna Mughal

During my four years at Gunn, I have never personally known another practicing Muslim on campus. I know that I couldn’t possibly be the only Muslim since that’s extremely unlikely. But, unlike the majority of people here, I have never had the chance to connect with someone over shared religious beliefs. First of all, being South Asian, Pakistani specifically, I already feel like a small minority in the Gunn population. Being Muslim on top of that makes me feel alone in that aspect. Through the years here, whenever I mention my religious holidays such as Eid, I can count the number of people on my hands who know what Eid could possibly be. I wouldn’t say my time at Gunn has been worsened by the disconnect and alienation of my religion, but it could have been a better experience knowing people of this similar minority were there with me. All of my immediate family is Muslim, and all of my relatives are as well, but they make up most of the Muslims I know and not being able to know any other Muslim outside of my family at school is not my ideal situation. Being Muslim is incredibly important to me and my life because not only does it frame the way I live my life, but it also connects to my culture and my entire sense of identity, which I wear with pride.