Horoscopes for the week of October 16


Written by Ryan Manesh and Grace Tramack



FlexTime is looking good for you this week, Capricorn, so make the most of it. Follow your instinct and check out a new room for a change of scenery.



You have exciting things up ahead this week, Aquarius, so take a risk and go for it. Get out and do something you’ve been thinking about doing for a while.



Whether it’s yoga during FlexTime or heading to the Wellness Center for a break, Pisces, don’t forget to save some extra time for yourself.



Your teachers are offering help this week, Aries. Accept and watch as favorable results fall into place.



Stay close to the N Building, Taurus, and a certain someone may have an important question to ask you.



You may have the chance to be in an extra short line at Teaspoon, Gemini. Make the most of this opportunity.



Take your days head on, Cancer. Try things you never had the confidence to do, and you may learn something you did not know about yourself.



Volunteer for as many homecoming activities as you can, Leo. Boost your confidence and watch your school spirit soar.



Being kind will finally start paying off this week. Expect some great advice from a close friend or even a classmate soon, Virgo.



Be sure to dress extravagantly this homecoming week, Libra. Your school spirit may lead to some good luck.



Be careful and make good decisions this week, Scorpio. The campus golf cart is always on the lookout…



Keep an eye out, Sagittarius— your new neighbor in class might just end up being someone special.