Teams galvanize for winter sports: Girl’s Basketball

Written by Katie Zhang

The girls basketball team is hoping to build o its success from last year, with a 13-12 record in all com- petitions. Senior Mikee Cagampan is excited for the current season to build o of the great season they had last year. According to Cagampan, the team is pleased with the progress they have made so far. “ The season has been going pretty well,” Cagampan said. “We’ve only played three games so far, but none of them were actual games that counted. We’ve won two out of three of those games.”

is year, Cagampan would really like to see the team continue to improve and work together. Cagampan has great confidence in the future of the program and is pleased with the start of their year. “Obviously, our team just wants to continue winning,” she said.