Sports serve as source of fun, fitness for staff: Garlejo


Written by Ryan Manesh

With a demanding job that takes up the majority of the day, health tech nurse Joanna Garlejo searched for a way to manage her fitness while also successfully keeping up with her duties on campus.

For her, the answer lies at the gym, which provides all the essentials she needs to both stay fit and have a good time. “I don’t have a particular sport; I just go to the gym and use the cardio machine for 30 minutes and some weights here and there,” she said.

Garlejo’s original source of motivation to get active and hit the gym was not simply a desire to be fit. Instead, it stemmed from wanting to make the most of her time and avoid the dreaded morning rush hour. “I didn’t want to stay in traffic for about an hour in the morning or afternoon so I thought I might as well just go to the gym in the morning or a er work,” she said. Although going to the gym served as a diversion from the daily struggle of being caught in traffic, her appreciation for exercise and fitness increased from that point on.

Garlejo likes to keep her pre-workout very simple and achievable. “I just try to have a good night’s sleep the night before— it makes sure I have energy,” she said.

Many people have trouble going to the gym everyday because they don’t see many positives, but Garlejo finds the morning gym session to help as a good kickstart to her day. “My favorite part is probably that the workout actually helps me get energy first thing in the morning,” she said. “I am there between 5:30 to 6 o’clock in the morning.”

While following a gym routine requires much energy and commitment and can at times become tedious, Garlejo uses certain strategies to make exercise enjoyable. “I prefer to workout with upbeat music while watching the news on the monitors,” she said.