#MeToo Stances

compiled by Emma Chiao

“I think the “Me Too” movement is kind of overrated because you have a lot of male actors who are being dragged under the net for some not necessarily bad things. Sure, there are definitely people who deserve to be named, but there are also some innocent people.” —freshman William Xuan


“I know of the movement but not all the details. I think it’s good that they have this movement because women need to do it. They need to speak. Usually, that’s something difficult to do, but this movement gives them a chance.” —freshman Marion Okemwa

“I think it’s really important to bring attention to this issue. But I also think that it can’t become a witch hunt, because then there will be backlash that will invalidate the rest of the movement similar to what happened with feminism. I don’t want that to happen.” —sophomore Sophie Alexis

“I support the “Me Too” movement because I believe that it’s important to raise awareness and more importantly to stop the sexual harassment and assault against women that’s been going on and hidden from the public for a long time.”—junior Drake Schiller


“I fully support the “Me Too” movement, mainly in terms of educating and uniting as a group. I think that as women, we’re breaking down a lot of barriers. One of those is just talking about it, and that can be a big step. “Me Too” is a movement where you get to have a voice and be with other women who’ve had similar experiences.” —senior Alessandra Valdivia