Winter athletes maintain their competitive edge as season progresses: Dance team


Written by Liza Kolbasov

For most of their events throughout this year, the dance team has performed at sports games and rallies. However, the athletes are now preparing for a national competition, their biggest event of the year. For the competition, the team will use the same routine as they performed for the night rally in October. “Right now we’re working as a group to clean our dance and make sure we know it, since we’re hoping to go to regionals and nationals,” freshman Adelaide Phillips said.

The dance team members are excited to compete together at nationals. “It’s a fun experience because we are all just hanging out,” Junior Sanna Vedrine said. “We get ready together, we do each other’s makeup [and] hair, and then we all dance together.”

One of the goals the team has for the future is to choreograph more efficiently. “A lot of the time, we end up just talking and hanging out and having fun when we should be choreographing,” junior Avery Lythcott-Haims said.