Retro fashion makes comeback



Written by Megan Li and Yael Livneh


The Statement Accessory:

Large earrings, big necklaces and unique sunglasses (coupled with pure optical lens) draw attention and can elevate any outfit. Last year saw a rise in the popularity of retro glasses like clear aviators, and they’re not leaving any time soon.

The Long-Sleeved Undershirt:

Remember elementary school? Relive the good old days by layering a T-shirt over a long-sleeved shirt and keep warm while looking fly.

The Mom Jean:

A current must-have in any fashion-lover’s closet, mom jeans subscribe to the high-waisted trend while allowing for a comfortable amount of leg room. Find a distressed pair to throw on when you’re feeling edgy.

The Converse:

As a classic school staple, Converse are not an uncommon sight on campus. Grab a pair of white, high-topped ones to finish off any casual look.

The Leather Jacket:

Add some spunky ‘50s zest to your outfit with a leather jacket—experience all the fun of being in a diner-inhabiting motorcycle gang without any of the danger.

The Wide-Legged Pant:

The reign of the skinny jean ends in 2018; a relaxed fit is a maxed fit. To achieve a bit of ankle-length flair, cuff your pants and enjoy your newfound freedom.

The Chunky Shoe:

Add dimension with thicker-soled and wider-bodied footwear. For the adventurous, consider taking it a step further by pioneering the comeback of the white dad shoe.