Girls Lacrosse Update

Nikki Suzani

Girls lacrosse season is currently going on and both the varsity and junior varsity (JV) teams are doing well in their respective seasons, with the girls varsity starting the season 5-3 while the girls JV team only doing a little worse.

Despite their slightly rocky start to the beginning of the season, the girls JV team is getting back on their feet quickly. Their team has a great sense of camaraderie that makes them work well together and develop synergy in the sport. Freshman Eirene Ang is one of the girls on the JV team who loves the sport and wants more girls to get interested in it. “My favorite part of lacrosse is working with an amazing team that always supports each other and builds each other up,” she said.

Shreeya Sethurameran, a member on the JV team, also enjoys the sport a lot and loves that the team has people of all skill levels. “There are a lot of beginners on our JV team this year, which is really nice because I get to take more of a leadership role,” she said. “I’ve been playing lacrosse for two years already, so I know a lot more than most of them.”

– Suzani, a freshman, is a reporter