Students perform in N-side Lands festival


Natalie McCurdy, Tech Editor

Monday, April 23rd, and Friday, April 27th, marked N-side Lands, a student music festival held on the N-building steps. Students of all ages with all sorts of musical talents, from saxophone solos to original songs, came out to perform for their peers.

This event was created and held by Gunn SEC, with a mission to create an opportunity for students to showcase their talents to an audience. In addition, the event’s theme was modeled after a popular music festival “Outside Lands”, and with that idea came the name. “We went with a music festival theme to promote a vibe that singers and performers would want to perform in. I came up with the name in a stroke of inspiration during SEC,” Sean Yu, Junior VP, said. This unique event attractedaround 100 students to the N-building steps on Monday at lunch, and around 150 on Friday after school.

N-side lands is open to any student regardless of experience.  Students enjoyed the opportunity to perform for a crowd in public, some for the first time. “I thought it was a great chance for everyone to hear me, especially playing for people I see everyday” Freshman Kiran Flemish said. N-Side Lands also debuted performers who don’t normally take part in open mics. “I see people here that don’t usually come to the open mics, so I think that’s cool that everyone gets to see their talent as well,” Junior Christian Foley said.

Due to the popularity of its debut, SEC is sure to hold another N-Side Lands next year. “For a first year event, I thought it was pretty successful,” Yu said, “We had a loyal audience and everyone who got to perform had a great time.”