Quick breakfast ideas


graphic by Jocelyn Wang

Written by Megan Li


Plagued with punctuality problems because your breakfast always takes too long to make? A simple solution lies in blending a bunch of fruit—or whatever you would like—in a smoothie the night before and letting it chill in the fridge until you reach for it the next morning. Smoothies are a wonderfully portable food for those who always seem to be running late, and are also a good option if you don’t even have the energy to chew in the morning.

Bagels and Cream Cheese

A classic, creamy and timeless combination, you just can’t go wrong with bagels and cream cheese. If dairy upsets your stomach, spread some avocado instead to achieve the same level of filling satisfaction.

Toast and Egg

For the mornings when you’re feeling fancy, slide a sunny-side-up egg onto a slice of freshly toasted bread and enjoy the feeling of being cradled in a lap of luxury. This breakfast option may take extra time to execute well, but if you ever wake up early, why not treat yourself?


Mix some granola into a bowl (or ready-to-go cup) of yogurt to start your day off right with a simple meal that contains all the protein and carbs you need to make it to lunch. For the healthiest version of this morning meal, take some Greek yogurt and whole grain granola, drizzling in honey for taste. The most important thing is to find a combination that works for you.