Back to nature: Alain escapes from everyday stress

The Oracle: Why do you like to backpack?
Alain Saal-Dalma: It allows me to realize how much I use that I simply don’t need to. It is amazing to go from surviving solely on things that I can fit on my back to my normal life and realizing that there are so many superfluous things that make my life easier than it could be. It is also a completely unique way to interact with people at a deeper level, without distractions created by technology. I really believe that people show their true colors while backpacking.

TO: What motivates you?
ASD: There is a huge sense of achievement that I get when I complete a backpacking trip or summit a mountain, which is a great motivator. It is also motivating to have friends that ask you to go on a trip with them.

TO: How has backpacking shaped your life, mentality and wellness? Why?
ASD: I have made many of my best friends and had my most exhilarating experiences while backpacking. I guess it hasn’t really shaped my life, but it has definitely been a great escape from my daily life.

TO: What is your favorite spot to backpack?
ASD: There is a trail in Colorado called the Ben Tyler trail that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

TO: What’s your favorite part about backpacking?
ASD: My favorite part about backpacking is getting to live in a very minimalist way, and pushing myself physically. It is also a lot of fun to grow closer with people while on the trial.

TO: What’s your favorite part about nature?
ASD: It always amazes me how quickly ecosystems can change as you are hiking. You can walk out of a forest into a desert and be greeted by a completely different group of plants and animals.