Fast Food Franchises Face Off: In N Out vs. Shake Shack


Nikki Suzani, Managing Editor


Known for using fresh potatoes and less oil than most fast-food chains, In-N-Out fries are a familiarity to me. Their lightly crisp exterior paired with a mushy interior makes them melt in your mouth. On the other hand, Shake Shack’s salty fries have little ridges that are fun to take bites out of. However, the flavor of the fries don’t hold a candle to In-N-Out; they taste as if they were frozen and then dipped in oil, and although they might be prettier, taste is the most important aspect. Thus, In-N-Out easily wins this category.


The In-N-Out cheeseburger isn’t a special one. All it’s made up of is lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese and a patty sandwiched between two pieces of bread with a little touch of their “secret sauce,” which has a Thousand Island dressing kind of taste. Overall, though, the burger is satisfying and worth the $2.40. Although the In-N- Out burger has its merits, the ShackBurger decimates it in overall quality. Its patty is the stuff of legends; with a perfect amount of salt and a crust on top, the ShackBurger is made perfectly to create a fantastic flavor experience. Shake Shack’s secret sauce is also just a little fuller than In-N-Out’s, so Shake Shack takes the cake.


As they are literally called Shake Shack, this category’s winner shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Shake Shack’s shakes have a full range of flavors from vanilla to coffee, and as the franchise’s signature menu item, they taste absolutely divine. They have a perfect amount of sweetness and make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. To be fair, In-N-Out’s shakes certainly aren’t bad; they’re made with real ice cream and are definitely a nice, cool shake to have on a warm day. The only flavors are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and a mix of vanilla and chocolate, but what more do you expect from a fast-food joint? Although Shake Shack’s milkshakes win on taste and presentation, if you’re looking for true, cheap, classic shakes, In-N-Out is the place to go.