Skiers pursue powdery passions on Tahoe slopes: Erica Marghescu


Jennifer Gao, Forum Editor

Overlooking the sapphire shores of Lake Tahoe resides junior Erica Marghescu’s second home: a waterfront house neighboring the Heavenly Mountain Resort. Throughout the year, Marghescu and her family can often be found driving up to South Lake Tahoe to ski and enjoy the stunning views and local attractions.

Skiing has been an integral part of Marghescu’s life since childhood. “I’ve basically been on skis since I could walk, but I didn’t really start getting into it until we moved to California and discovered Tahoe,” she said.

Before suffering an unfortunate knee injury in ninth grade, she traveled to Tahoe every weekend for competitive ski training and races—now, she enjoys recreational skiing every other weekend. A typical day on the slopes for Marghescu begins at 8:30 a.m. and consists of gate training in the morning for approximately four hours, a quick lunch break at noon and free-skiing until the resort closes.

In the summertime, Marghescu and her family usually go jet-skiing and spend a day on the beach. On occasion, they travel up to the mountains where a myriad of activities are offered, including rock climbing, ziplining, going on roller coasters and hiking on beautiful trails. In Marghescu’s opinon, summer, winter and early spring are the best seasons to visit Lake Tahoe due to the abundance of recreational activities and attractions. “There are the most things to do then,” she said. “Late spring and fall are weird because you can’t really go to the beach, and you can’t ski either, so there’s not much to do, but it’s still nice to go for a run or walk or something and enjoy the view.”

Once her knee heals from surgery, Marghescu hopes to rejoin competitive skiing in the next winter season.