Did English teacher Diane Ichikawa and science teacher Casey O’Connell date?

Did English teacher Diane Ichikawa and science teacher Casey O'Connell date?

Josh Mei, Reporter

Although no high school is complete without the volatil-ity of teen romance, one of the hottest pieces of recurring gossip over the years involves romance that was actually shared between two of Gunn’s most adored teachers. According to English teacher Diane Ichikawa, she and chemistry teacher Casey O’Connell dated for a couple of months. “This has gotten you guys interested in ancient history because this happened before you guys were born,” she said. “[It was] nearly 20 years ago.”

O’Connell recognizes the learning curve involved in dating and encourages students to use relationships to learn about themselves. “Students should give them- selves grace and go easy on [themselves for] how awkward it feels and the uncertainty of it,” he said.

Ichikawa also hopes that students make mature decisions. “Don’t lose yourself in the process of trying to be with another person,” she said. “But if there’s chemistry there, don’t be afraid to take the risk. Who knows? You just might be the topic of school gossip some 20-odd years later too.”