Are Seniors Ian and Chanmi Shin Twins?

Vinay Ranganathan, Reporter

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Ever since seniors Chanmi and Ian Shin became friends in eighth grade, they’ve let everyone think they are related. “Everyone thought we were either siblings or dating,” Ian Shin said. “That just kept going, and then we thought it would be funny to just perpetuate that myth, so we just said yes.”
Besides having the same last name, there are other reasons people believe the two are related. “We look pretty similar, and we’re always hanging out,” Ian Shin said. “We both have glasses,” Chanmi Shin added.
The both of them have had some fun keeping the rumors alive. “When people would ask us, ‘Are you siblings?’ we would say, ‘Maybe’ or ‘Yes’ for fun,” Chanmi Shin said. “When it was National Siblings Day we’d just post ‘Happy National Siblings Day!’ with a picture of us, and then people would believe the post.”