Athletes Reflect on club vs. high school sports – Soccer: Alexis Bromberg


Sophomore standout center back Alexis Bromberg has been engaged in soccer since the age of five. His skills have progressed significantly since he first started playing. As a freshman, Bromberg made the varsity soccer team. “I joined American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) when I was five,” he said. “But I started real club soccer when I was seven.” As a member of both a club soccer team, De Anza Force Soccer Club, and the Gunn varsity soccer team, Bromberg has experienced the differences between playing for a school and a club.

Through Bromberg’s many seasons of soccer, he has found that a major difference between playing for a club and for high school is the attitude of each team. “I think the main difference is the competitiveness,” Bromberg said. “I think club soccer is much more competitive. School soccer is more fun than competitive.”

Bromberg has been able to compete in some of the biggest national and international tournaments over the years. “The farthest [tournament] I’ve been to is in Spain,” he said. “I went to Nationals last year in Colorado and I’ve gone to Surf Cup in San Diego.” In contrast, high school teams only participate within the state, traveling a lot less.

Additionally, the bond between his school teammates and club teammates differs. “I feel closer to my club teammates because you just get to know them much more and you spend much more time with them than your high school teammates,”Bromberg said.