“New Clothes”Facebook group requires policy reform

Elisa Moraes-Liu, News Editor

The New Clothes Facebook group is a forum where Gunn stu- dents are able to conveniently buy and sell used clothes. However, there are cons to the large cloth- ing platform.

Many sellers have a “no-try- on” policy, and buyers are often unaware of the quality and size of their purchase until the transaction is complete. This can result in issues such as transactions made without knowledge of stains or defects on the pieces of clothing.

Another issue that is prevalent for sellers is lack of commitment from buyers. People often say they want to purchase an item in the spur of the moment, but don’t follow up. This makes the sellers assume they have a committed buyer, only to have them change their mind at the last minute. This not only creates inconveniences for sellers, but also prevents com- mitted buyers from getting the clothes they want.

Lack of effective communication between sellers and buyers also causes inconveniences at both ends. It can be hard to find a convenient time to meet with each other to allow for the exchange to go smoothly, or some buyers and sellers may not show up at the time or place originally agreed on.

In order to fix the prevalent issues on New Clothes, both buyers and sellers must maintain close communication and transparency during the sale process. To satisfy sellers, buyers should maintain a commitment to purchasing a product once they have expressed interest in it. To play their part, sellers should give buyers the opportunity to try on clothes so that they can inform themselves of any issues the clothes might have, such as stains or rips. Additionally, prices should also remain fair regardless of a buyer’s relation with sellers.

New Clothes presents a platform for the convenient sale and purchase of cute, trendy outfits and other miscellaneous items. However, it is important to maintain a fair environment to reduce the problems buyers often face. Buyers must also be respectful in their commitment to buying from a seller. If you are interested in an item, you should make sure you are committed to buying it before reaching out to the seller, because last-minute changes of mind create inconveniences. Before selling on New Clothes, it is also important to make sure the items are in the condition advertised on the group.

If people follow moral and ethical codes while selling items, it will allow the New Clothes environment to continue to thrive and be a reliable clothing purchase platform for students.