Atheles reflect on club vs. high school sports: Volleyball player Songboer Yun

  The boys volleyball team ended the season with a league record of 10-4 and an overall record of 15-9. Throughout the spring months, high-flying junior Songboer Yun has been seen humiliating opposing defenses, staring down rival huddles and sporting his signature trench coat.

        Yun enjoys intimidating opponents during practices and warm-ups. “That’s a large man, getting really high in the air,” Gunn boys volleyball coach Matt Brotsch said. “Songboer hitting that ball down at you, honestly, it’s pretty scary.”

        Yun says he honed his skills in club volleyball years before Gunn had a boys team. “I’ve been playing around three years for club and two years for school,” he said. “It’s been a great experience.”

        Comparing the two, Yun cites competition level as one of the main differences. “For club it’s a bit more competitive, for club they pick out the best of the best. For school, well, it’s not necessarily all scrubs but some of the people don’t play volleyball 24/7,” he said. Yun does find it refreshing to be able to play outside of his age group and skill level, however.

        Yun also prefers the superior facilities in club play. “Gunn courts are trash,” he said. “Club facilities are really nice.” Through the wins and the losses, Yun has found both school and club volleyball to be rewarding and worth the time.