How to get a summer job


Devon Lee, Sports Editor

Summer is just around the corner, and many students will find themselves needing something to occupy their time. One of the best ways to pass time over the summer is by getting a summer job. However, for some students this might pose a challenge.
According to the supervisor of college counseling Theresa McDermott, before applying for a summer job, students should ask for help and utilize resources that are available. “[Students should] talk with friends and family about their desire to work, ask for suggestions and help with the process, and take advantage of resources at school such as the job board where we post opening for employers,” she said. They should also attend job fairs and educate themselves on the work permit application process.
According to McDermott, when looking for a job, a helpful tip is to walk around local neighborhoods to see what jobs are available that require no commute.. New environments can be hard to adopt to for many, so working in an area that you are familiar with can help enhance the job experience, especially for those who are introverted. Working at places like a summer camp or a favorite restaurant is an easy way to make money, while also having fun.
After finding a suitable job, remember to enjoy work while it lasts, and try to learn as much as possible. To McDermott, working is a valuable, worthwhile experience. “Working allows one to learn about one’s self, it helps to define who we are as individuals, it helps to give one a sense of direction, and a sense of accomplishment,” she said. “Working also brings about opportunities and benefits that can have far reaching impact upon our lives.”