Gunn Football Update 2019

By Ryan Manesh

Gunn’s football team is off to a historic start to the season. The team has won their first two games for the first time in seven years. The Titans started off their winning streak with a 59-34 win versus Saratoga’s Prospect High School, followed by a blowout 42-0 versus James Lick High School, which is located in San Jose. 

Senior quarterback Aidan Everett is excited for the season and proud of the work and motivation his team has. “This year has been a special year for not only me but for the entire team. All these guys have continued to put in the work not only from last season but also offseason. We all want it [to win the championship] bad,” he said. 

Everett is also backing the tactics and ideals of Coach Jason Miller. “Coach Miller’s goal and mission has been to change the stigma that is associated with the Gunn football program. We think we have a good chance to do something very special.” 

Team captain Kylen Liu is also very excited and has high hopes for the season. “I’m pumped for this season, everyone on the team has been grinding the offseason and we are hungry for wins,” he said “This season we want a championship so we won’t tolerate any effort that’s not at that level. We have been hitting the weight room before school and have practice after school. We have been building up to something special since our coach Jason Miller has arrived.” 

The team plays games every Friday and the next game coming up is Friday 9/13 against Yerba Buena Highschool at Gunn.