Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime? Three of the biggest streaming services compete for viewership: Prime Video

Elisa Moraes-Liu , News Editor

By now, we all know that Amazon has essentially taken over the world. Many rely on shipments of practically everything from this multi-billion dollar company. However, when we think of Amazon, we often neglect to pay attention to their Prime Video service; it provides an easy-to-use,affordable streaming service with agreat variety of content.

Conveniently, Prime Video is located on the Amazon website, which makes it is easy to shift between shopping and streaming. You can add items to your cart while catching up on your favorite shows.

Prime Video also has a greatvariety of shows, offering a wider selection than Netflix or Hulu. WithPrime Video, you may also buy orrent additional films at your leisure.While this might seem like a turnoff to many, it gives you access to exclusive shows. With Netflix, youcan only watch shows they already provide. With Prime Video, however, you can get that new episode of “The Bachelor” as soon as it releases to keep up with English teacher Mark Hernandez’s references.

On Prime Video, you can also adjust your subscription. While Netflixonly has basic plan options, Prime Video allows you to add live television and a variety of channels like HBO to your subscription.

Unlike other services, Prime does not put as much emphasis on its own original productions. While some may see this as a sign that PrimeVideo isn’t creative, it really meansthat Amazon is too busy running theworld’s biggest online market andhas no need to create another Noah Centineo movie. On Prime Video, you can log on and watch “Suits” without being bombarded with sug- gestions to watch “Stranger Things.”

So, if you are tired of seeing yet another season of “13 Reasons Why” or “Riverdale,” it’s time you end your Netflix subscription and jointhe world of Amazon—the superior service.