Conspiracy theories attract interest: theories

The United States Air Force facility used for military testing and training, commonly known as Area 51, was recently popularized online after a Facebook campaign to raid it on Sept. 20, 2019, to ‘see them aliens’ was posted. For many years, people have wondered what is inside of the highly classified government facility. Some have suggested aliens and other top secret government information is stored there. Although the Facebook campaign started as a joke, over two million people have signed up to attend. The government has stated that they are taking precautions in case anyone decides to follow through with the event. 

The mystery of Bigfoot can trace its roots back to northern California in 1958, when loggers discovered mysteriously large footprints in the woods. Since then, Bigfoot has become a character in pop culture. Movies and books were written about the myth of Bigfoot, some of which painted him as a dangerous creature, while others gave him a softer side and portrayed him as misunderstood and kind. People have reported sightings of Bigfoot and tell tales of the creature that lurks in the woods and could come and take hikers or campers. While Bigfoot has never been clearly seen, the creature has taken on a life as an icon in American culture and the center of many stories.

The general consensus of facts surrounding the assasination of President John F. Kennedy was that he was shot two times by Lee Harvey Oswald in the back of his head while riding in his motorcade on Nov. 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. However, some people disagree. There is a theory that there was a second shooter involved in the killing that hid on the grassy knoll of the Deacon Plaza, close to where the shooting took place. Theorists believe that a noise heard on the recording was a third and fourth shot, despite a special panel saying it was background noise. Oswald was also assassinated shortly after being arrested, leading theorist’s to claim it was a cover-up. This theory has never been proven, but debates remain 56 years later.