Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime?- Hulu

Sophia Stern, Online editor

With over 25 million subscribers, Hulu has become one of the most popular services to stream movies and TV. As more people decide to get rid of cable TV, it raises the question: Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu? The latter is definitively the best streaming service because of its affordability and large collection of content. The most basic Hulu plan is $5.99 per month for access to all of Hulu’s content with ads, while the most basic Netflix and Prime Video plans are both $8.99. The price does go up if a customer wants to add to their plan—the standard Hulu plan is $11.99 and for Netflix and Prime, it costs $12.99, so Hulu is still cheaper whichever way. Another perk of Hulu that Netflix does not offer is their live TV plan; while it is the most expensive plan between all three streaming services, it allows users to watch over 60 cable channels and includes a DVR with 50 hours of storage. The live TV plan is a cheaper alternative to cable, and still allows customers to watch the news, sports and more. Channels like HBO can also be added to Hulu, which can further enhance a customer’s experience with the service. On Netflix, users have to wait for the entire season of a show to be completed before it becomes available on the site. Hulu, however, uploads episodes the day after they air, which makes it easier for viewers to keep up with shows and discuss them with others while the show is still progressing. Hulu tends to air TV shows that are popular in the moment, while on Netflix and Prime, shows tend to be uploaded after the initial hype has died down. For example, the popular TV show Love Island blew up last summer. Hulu exclusively streamed the show, which aired a new episode every day. By uploading new episodes right after they air, viewers can steer clear of spoilers and engage in conversations surrounding the shows. Not only does Hulu have many new movies, they also have a large selection of older movies that would cost money to rent or buy on cable. Hulu is the best streaming service available because of its affordable pricing and plan customization, large collection of movies and TV shows, and quick episode turnover rate.