Fall sports welcome new faces, approach the season with optimism: water polo


Madison Nguyen, Features Editor

Girls varsity water polo is back and ready to bring their best this season. With a central goal of winning league championships and making it to Central Coast Sections (CCS) this year, both coach Chris Ford and co-team senior Isobel Taylor are ready to lead their team to victory.

Taylor and fellow co-captain senior Cooper McKenna continue to lead their team in-and-out of the pool, and are ready to bring that same intensity to games. “I’m enjoying being a team captain and all of the responsibility and leadership that comes with it,” Taylor said. “We have a really good group of girls who have been working really hard, which is nice to see. The intensity is there, and we’re ready for this season and ready to win.”

Ford strives for success, ensuring that fun is always a priority. “I expect everyone to work hard at every practice and give everything they have at every game,” he said. “Water polo can be tough sport, but it’s a great sport and the best sport I know out there. I want them to have fun.”

Ford’s last piece of advice for every girl playing water polo this season, whether varsity or junior varsity, is one that perfectly entails the realities of the sport. “Just go out and get nasty,” he said.