Timeline of campus initiatives to support student wellness


graphic by Jamie Wang

Fall 2009: Gunn students, along with advisor Paul Dunlap, start the Reach Out Care Know (ROCK) club to raise awareness about mental health while creating an inclusive school environment.

Fall 2011: The Sources of Strength program is adopted at Gunn, creating a group of students who pledge to be resources for their community and connect peers to trusted adults in times of crisis.

Fall 2016: Gunn opens the first Wellness Center near the Bat Cave with a mission of providing resources to students struggling with mental health issues.

Fall 2017: The school pioneers the Social Emotional Literacy Functionality program, teaching lessons tailored towards improving students’ interpersonal relationships and focusing on social-emotional skills.

Fall 2019: The Wellness Center relocates to the new P building, with a larger lobby space, more staff members and more private rooms for one-on-one therapy.