Sports clubs offer students place to foster passions: Sports Basement Club


Photo by Mia Knezevic

Although Gunn doesn’t have a basement, it has a Sports Basement club. Every Wednesday at lunch, the club meets in room N-115 on the first floor of the N-building to discuss sports updates, play trivia games and watch highlights. The club has been chartered for four years, according Jessica Hexsel.

Depending on the season, club members track the latest events in professional sports, especially football and basketball. This year, club president senior Tyler Hodson has incorporated more interactive games. “We
played Jeopardy for sports questions, and that’s been one of our biggest hits,” he said. “We have a few people who are smart enough in sports to answer the $500 questions.” The club also plays Kahoots and true/false games about sports trivia.

In early spring, the Sports Basement club revs into high gear to watch the college basketball season in full swing. “During March Madness, we open the club to everybody,” Hexsel said. “We have more meetings than just once a week so that people can come in, eat snacks together and watch basketball. It gets really crowded and really loud. It’s fun.”

The Sports Basement club is still growing its membership, especially in terms of representation. “This is my fourth year, and I am the only girl in the club,” Hexsel said. “I would love for more girls to come to the club who are also sports fans.”

As such, the club is looking for more fellow sports fans to join in the camaraderie. Anyone who is into sports and would like to discuss sports updates while meeting new people is welcome to stop by with a few friends. “Even if you’re not that into sports or new to sports, you’re still welcome,” vice president Anshul Shah said.

—Written by Jessica Wang