Apple vs. Android phones: Which tech company produces the better smartphone?


Devon Lee, Sports Editor

Since smartphones were first intro- duced, the competition to be the foremost product has been fierce. But time and time again, Apple always seems to come out on top. Due to its superb user inter- face (UI), importance in pop culture and compatibility with other Apple products, the iPhone remains the supreme smart- phone on the market.
One of the best aspects of iPhones is its nearly perfect UI. Its intuitive design and beginner friendly software makes its UI effortless to use. The layout and design of the apps and features in an iPhone are perfectly tailored to accommodate the user experience. Some of the iPhone’s best features include Touch and Face ID, Siri, FaceTime and an efficient maneuverability of apps. Unlike Android products, the iOS software for the iPhone is exclusive. Apple prefers quality of experience over practicalities, which largely contributes to its popularity among consumers who value ease of use over pure performance. Another perk of owning an iPhone is its compatibility with other devices. Since a large portion of technology operates on Apple’s iOS and most people own personal Apple system devices, owning an iPhone makes connecting with other devices seamless. Applications such as Face- Time and Messages run most smoothly when functioning between Apple prod- ucts. Even small components like AirDrop and the color of text messages give Apple an advantage in user experience.
Lastly, iPhones are superior because they are simply more prominent in pop culture. Although iPhones are more expensive, it is often ben- eficial to possess an iPhone in the presence of other iPhone users, especially in the Silicon Valley, where the iPhone dominates the market. A major source of the iPhone’s popularity in pop culture is its appear- ance—its simplistic yet modern design trumps the Android in all cate- gories. Many people pre- fer iPhones based on their aesthetic. Additionally, in pop culture, Android products are often mocked for having poor camera quality and generally looking like discounted iPhones. For its simple user interface, ability to connect with other apple products and popularity, the iPhone still stands as the premier smartphone device.