Battle of the Headphones: AirPods


Ryan Manesh, Sports Editor, Business Manager

Written by Ryan Manesh

It was Christmas morning in 2018 and the air was a crisp 62 degrees. I was curious, not knowing what could be contained in the plentiful boxes of presents laying under the plastic Christmas tree. The time finally came when my parents told me to pick out a present and open it. I chose a small rectangular one, not knowing that the gift laying in front of me would become one of my most essential possessions. The gift was the first edition of the Apple AirPods, and they instantly became a must-have. Anywhere I would go, they would either be in my pocket, in my bag or in my ears.

The only downside that comes to mind is the constant “oh, somebody’s rich” or “wow, way to flex on us,” comments that are inevitable when you take them out.

Now that we have covered all the negatives, time to start listing some of the endless positives. AirPods allow you to stay connected and listening to your device within a 40-foot radius. They also connect to any Bluetooth device, which helps solve issues that come with different types of headphone inputs.

The AirPod case and individual earbuds also have a very sleek design.  The battery life on the AirPods is also superb; I once went through an entire day of school with my AirPods in and not once was I worried that they would die. AirPods have also proved to be very helpful when bored in class, since the earbuds are extremely concealable and the customizable tap features allow you to switch songs and pause without using a phone.

In the end, if you can get past the hefty price tag, the AirPods are a wonderful purchase and an everyday necessity.