Which tech company produces the better smartphone? Android

Elisa Moraes-Liu, News Editor

While everyone has been posting about the new features of the iPhone 11, the Samsung S10e has possessed these elements for months. The new iPhone promoted aspects such as a wide-angle camera and night mode, which have been signature to Samsung phones for a while, and Apple has only now begun adopting them.

Androids have a wider variety of features than iPhones. With Android, you can customize your phone’s theme and the icons for apps.For example, to celebrate the upcoming Halloween season, you can download
a theme that transforms your app icons into pumpkin shapes. This theme can also change the text color to orange, allowing you to get in the Halloween mood every time you look down at your phone. iPhones have the default iOS icons and a setup that is not alterable.

Android phones are also much more adaptable in terms of ports and cables. The USB-C cable can be used to charge an Android in addition to a laptop and many other devices that use the universal port, so an extra cable is not necessary. Apple cords can only be used with Apple products, making them a much less convenient option. Additionally, the Android has a headphone jack, so it’s viable to switch between different earbuds and headphones at your will, while Apple has gotten rid of this universal port.

Furthermore, a Samsung phone is much more durable than an iPhone. There have been many reported cases where slippery iPhones have been dropped and shattered, to the point where the phone can no longer be used. There is a reason why Apple Care exists, after all.

Finally, Samsung Pay is accepted universally on credit card machines, while a special software is required for Apple Pay. Samsung Pay works with all card machines, regardless of whether they accept Apple Pay or not. It is the most universally accepted mobile payment system.

While Android users are often subject to unfair harassment on Twitter, Android phones have superior software and features. Instead of spending your life savings on that new iPhone 11, buy yourself a durable, practical and versatile Samsung S10e.