Battle of the Headphones: Earbuds


Melissa Ding

Angela Wong, News Editor

Wired earbuds are held to a high standard due to their durability, cheap prices and overall convenience.

For the average high-schooler, earbuds are an everyday tool. However, they should not be weighed down with the hefty price tag of wireless devices. While wired earphones are certainly the “older” choice, they still provide users with plenty of unique features. The Apple wired earphones, for example, only cost $29 but allow listeners to control the camera, talk to Siri and answer incoming phone calls, alongside a variety of other short-cuts. Wireless earbuds, however, are far more expensive and can only play, pause and skip to another song. Thus, opting for the cheaper but more versatile option is a win-win situation.

Lastly, there is a certain inexplicable comfort that comes with using wired earbuds. Maybe it’s the wires’ ability to “catch” our phone when it accidentally slips from our hands, or its pleasant capacity to provide users with audio 24/7. Charging wireless earbuds is especially inconvenient to those who rely on headphones throughout the day and can’t waste time waiting for them to completely charge.

New wireless gadgets are certainly intriguing, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best option. The headphone market is stocked with endless options in all shapes and sizes to attract consumers. However, flashy colors and an innovative new look does not equate to quality and comfort. The search for the best headphones is not supposed to be a maze: after all, the “perfect” option has been in front of your eyes for years.