Battle of the Headphones: Beats Solo3

Calvin Cai, Centerfold Editor

With the spread of Bluetooth and wireless devices over the  past couple years, a great debate has risen: what type of headphones are the best? Of the many options, the Beats Solo3 Wireless stand out over the competition. Released in 2016, they are the newest model of their line. Though they may seem pricey at $200, they can be found for a more affordable price of $150 on some retail websites. These headphones contain a powerful combination of convenience, sound quality and battery life. 

The headphones are the “on-ear” model, which allows for smaller cushions and takes up less space while still providing great sound quality. Moreover, these headphones have approximately 40 hours of battery life, as opposed to AirPods’ five. The Solo3s also have the Beats “Fast Fuel” feature, which gives it three hours worth of battery from a five-minute charge. Additionally, the added Apple W1 chip allows for easy pairing with Apple devices and the ability to automatically connect to devices on the same iCloud account. 

The appearance is also superior to all competition. With a simple design and an iconic logo on the outside, they look stylish for any occasion. The headphones also come in dozens of colors and styles—some designs even come from collaborations with companies such as Disney.

Their most important feature, though, is their audio quality. Unlike AirPods and most other brands, these have Beats’s trademark powerful bass and sound, an addition that suits many popular genres of music. 

Compared to other devices, Beats Solo3s are by far the best option, with its convenience, appearance and top-notch audio.