Explore Best Local Spots for Unique Forms of Recreation: Bike Riding


graphic by Jocelyn Wang

Nikki Suzani, Features Editor

Stevens Creek Trail: Four miles away from Gunn, the Stevens Creek trail is a bike spot where you can get in touch with nature while being among communities of bikers. The trail is not designed for long-distance bikers as it is only five miles long, but it runs along the marshlands. There also tends to be a lot of people on the trail, and the Friends of Stevens Creek Trail com- munity group helps to maintain it to be usable for both bikers and pedestrians. The trail is also fairly shady, which makes it great for a hot day. Finally, it is very close to bus routes so if you’re too tired after biking, you can take your bike with you on the bus to go home.

Shoreline: With challenging terrain, the Silicon Valley Shoreline Mountain trail can be difficult for bikers who are just starting out. It’s also the longest, with a 16.6 mile loop, and is surrounded by water. Unfortunately, the ground is mostly gravel, so it can be difficult to bike through. The bike ride involves going across bridges, enjoying scenic views of the water and going from open areas to shady expanses covered by trees. It also has many scenic routes and can be good for a day outing. The surrounding water makes for great Instagram posts.

Palo Alto Baylands Trail: The Palo Alto Baylands Trail is known as a great spot for birdwatching and getting in touch with nature. It is a migratory spot for many birds flying over the Pacific. The marshiest of the trails, the Baylands Trail, is a little harder to bike through, as it can be very windy. In fact, it isn’t just one trail but 15 miles of different types of paths. The city also offers many ecology programs along the trails, so you can join a few and bike through destinations.

Mitchell Park: One of the most notable spots in Palo Alto, Mitchell Park is a beautiful expanse of greenery with a nearby library and eatery. The park has a lot of open space for soccer games and even has a playground. Even after you bike through the park you can sit and enjoy its beauty. Beyond that, there’s even a dog park where you can go hang out with people and their dogs. Finally, Mitchell Park is very close to Gunn, only a few miles away, so it’s not very difficult to get there.